Amsterdam is one of the best cities in Europe with a wonderful history and is best known for being who you are. Over the centuries, Amsterdam has always been a trading city where different nationalities come together and everything that goes with it.  Learn more about this lovely canal-side city, including the rich history and development of its tolerant society.

With Gina's Favourites I made a nice selection of my Favourite Hotspots of Amsterdam. As an amsterdam born and raised and I like to guide you through my City Amsterdam. Unique companies with a nice story, fun facts about Amsterdam, beautiful photo opportunities and the best events in Amsterdam.
There are countless beautiful museums to admire and buildings with beautiful stories. The famous Anne Frank house, but also the Rembrandt house is worth a visit. Beautiful church towers that can be visited with guided tours such as the Westertoren, the old Church or the Zuiderkerk.
Enjoy and have fun in Amsterdam,

love  xxx Gina Petula

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