Kiosk Gouden Haan Zandvoort

Welcome to my Feel Good Shop “Gouden Haan Zandvoort”

Where it all comes together to Experience the Flower Power Spirit of Love, Peace and Happiness!

You must be wondering why I named it “Gouden Haan”dutch for “Golden Rooster”.



Every day I am asked why Golden Rooster, call your store something else, something that suits you or what you sell!

I will explain why I have named  my Feel Good Shop “Gouden haan” (“Golden Rooster”). The Rooster adorns the top of our beautiful Wester Toren which symbolizes the city of Amsterdam where I was born and raised.

The rooster crows when the sun rises at the start of the day. The rooster is a sign of a new beginning, a renewal and also indicates the wind, often acts as a lightning rod.

Everywhere I go you will see me shine from a distance like a Golden Rooster.

With my Feel Good Shop Gouden Haan Zandvoort I put down a complete new concept to Experience Spirituality, Fashion, Gifts, Music, Dance, Events and Guidance with the energy and the love of the Flower power Spirit.

In summer Time you will find me on the boulevard of Zandvoort, You can allways visit my online shop, and order products with the energy & love of the Flower Power Spirit.


The conventional wisdom teaches that the rooster encourages the minister to enter heroically against the tide, with its head in the wind.





I sell Unique  Bohemian Hippy bags & Fashion items, Boho Jewels for Him & Her with all kind of nice symbols like peace signs, Tree of Life, Flower of life, Love & Friendship bracelets, great souvenirs, spiritual items like fresh Sage, incense, healing stones and a great selection of the most beautiful Tarot & Oracle Decks. You will find exactly that what you need at the moment.



Tarot Reading available what will give you insights & advise in your life so you can truly work from you own inner power!

You can only Share true Love when you know who You Are!


Gina Petula & Happy