I would love to take you on a Spiritual Experience with me!

I made a Map of Life with a DreamCatchers Road in it, to Inspire you to Catch your Dreams and I love to be your Guidance.

You will meet the mystic and symbols of the Tarot Cards and the  great Energy of the Moon, Stones and Herbs, they will help you to Let go, get back in your own Energy and feel more connect to your own Inner Wisdom.

I have been working as a Spiritual Coach for more then 15 years. I work with Tarot, oracle Cards, medicine wheel, Chakra’s, Herbs, Writing, Dancing and the Moon.

I Dance thru life and I hope to inspire you to do the Same, I love Music and Dance it helps me to Relax & Let Go. 

I made a Spirit Dance for you, which will bring you back in Spirit! 

I also Meditate and Dance to get more insights with Chakradance, a beautiful way to listen to your own wisdom.

Spiritual Experience